X-ray shielding large single SHRZ-B1

The X-ray protective shield is a large single SHRZ-B1 designed to protect personnel and patients from diffuse X-ray radiation in stationary X-ray rooms and during the research by mobile (ward) x-ray machines.


The large viewing window (400×400) is made of leaded glass and provides a good view. The screen is mounted on four swivel wheel bearings. The design of the screen provides easy movement on the floor.

The main technical characteristics of the screen SHRZ-B1:

  • Overall dimensions, mm. – 1840x1000x600;
  • The dimensions of the panel are protective, mm. – 1820 × 950
  • the lead equivalent of the screen panel is 1.00 mm;
  • the window size is 400 × 400 mm, the st. eq. – 1.00 mm;