Manual radiation-shielded door

New design.
Great and individual look.
Hinges with 3D adjustment.
EPDM sealing.
Sound and heat insulation.
Controled closing.
Special door lock for radiation-shielded doors.

The supporting door jamb is made of galvanized steel thickness 2 [mm]. The massive design ensures impact resistance and uninterrupted operation of the doors. For the mentioned installation, ie mounting on the substructure, a comprehensive (telescopic) type of jamb was chosen. It consists of a support partwhich has integrated 3D adjustable hinges with a load capacity of up to 500 kg and a cover part

Sealing and insulation

EPDM rubbers are positioned on the door jamb in one zone, and on the door leaf in other zone, which allows double sealing of the door; Polyurethane foam / rock wool is a guarantor for the needs of sound and heat insulation

Radiation impermeability

The lead protection is placed inside the door leaf and jamb, therefore, the radiation impermeability is ensured by the overlap on the joints. In order to prevent the penetration of secondary radiation in the lower zone of the door, an additional layer of lead protection has been placed. This also provides space for the integration of additional equipment, e.g. falling threshold