for cabinets positron emission and computer tomography

complex of solutions for construction or reconstruction of clean rooms of medical institutions

Radiation protection equipment for industrial enterprises, scientific and research laboratories


Who We Are

Joint-stock company «STB Group»

«Our main goal is to provide the consumer with high quality, optimal and reasonable prices for the products. Our work often in the literal sense of the word protects human health and we try to ensure that everything we do is done well»


Wide geography of deliveries
The geography of supplies of our products is quite extensive. In addition to the Republic of Belarus, our products are shipped to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and a number of European Union countries.
The quality of our work is confirmed by the gratitude and recommendations of dozens of satisfied customers!
service and technical support
We provide service and technical support to our customers. We provide a guarantee for all the works and equipment produced.
We carry out design and construction of radiation protection products in accordance with the wishes of the Customer, as well as all normative documents.

Clean rooms

UAB «STB Group» represents a complex of solutions for the construction or reconstruction of clean rooms of public or private medical institutions

Protection against radiation in medicine

We carry out design, manufacture, supply and installation of radiation protection equipment for medical institutions

Protection against radiation in industry

Protection from powerful sources of radiation, gamma, beta and neutron radiation, are used in rooms with radiation sources in industrial plants.