Corning Med-X LT Glass: Innovative, Lami-Thin Shielding

A combination of Unique Technologies

  • Thanks to an innovative laminated design combining different Corning glasses, newCorning Med-X LT Glass enables improved glazing.
  • Corning Med-X Glass offers reliable radiation shielding performance and clear transparency for safer X-Ray operations.
  • Corning Advanced Glazing offers a unique combination of thin, lightweight, and tough properties, enabling a new generation of innovative windows.

The new radiation shielding solution brings improved features:

  • meets the most stringent safety glazing tests,
  • improved clarity with up to 89% light transmission, resistance to scratches and easy to clean material,
  • weight reduction of 10kg/m2 (20Lbs/ft2) compared to existing laminated design, enabling easy handling and framing


  • Corning Med-X LT Glass is qualified with the most stringent Impact Safety Sandards for glazing:
    • EN 12600 (Europe)
    • Cat II CFR Part 16#1201 (United States)
  • Limits the risk of injury in case of impact
    Corning Med-X LT Glass is a laminated glass.
    In case of impact, numerous cracks could appear but fragments are being held together: no projection of glass.
  • Protects people against ionizing radiation
    Corning Med-X LT Glass offers excellent radiation protection performance: 1.2 mmPb to 2.6 mmPb lead equivalence at 150kV tested according to international standard IEC 61 331:2014.


Radiation shielding glass requires special care.
Corning Med-X LT Glass is resistant to scratching and daily cleaning.

  • Scratch resistant
    Corning Med-X LT Glass has better scratch resistance than other products available on the market:

    • Up to 4 times better than conventional raidiaton shielding glass
    • 24 times better than acrylic panels
  • Easy to clean
    Corning Med-X LT Glass is easy to clean with common detergents.


  • Improved clarity
    Corning Med-X LT Glass guarantees the properties and reliability of a premium radiation shielding glass while offering improved clarity and transparency. Visual clarity is improves as the new solution brings up to 5 extra points of light transmission.
  • Added value for installers and integrators
    Corning Med-X LT Glass provides the added value of a laminated sheet without the constraints of extra weight and thickness.Compared to current solutions on the market, Corning Med-X LT Glass is up to 10 kg/m2 (20Lbs/ft2) lighter.

Corning Med-X LT Glass characteristics:

Optical Properties:
Transmission % @550 nm
> 89%

YD(65%): Optical transmission for visible spectrum at daylight – D65 illuminant
> 89%

Mechanical Properties
Density of lead glass (g/cm3)

Knoop Hardness (kg/mm2)

Chemical Properties
Lead content (Pb)

Barium content (Ba)

Radiation Shielding
IEC 61331:2014 international standards, data provided by the Public Health of England (PHE)

Safety Impact Glazing
EN12600,1B1 class**
Cat. 2 – CPSC16 CFR1201***

ASTM F735-94
(3,600 cycles, Corundum sand)

*More information available on request
**Test performed for the LE 2.1 mmPb item
***Test performed for the LE 1.7 mmPb item