Radiation-shielded box

Radiation-shielded box – ideal for the secure placement of the products such as Troxler gauge, or any other that emirates the radiation.

Techical details:

  • Radiation protected material – Lead
  • Purpose of the radiation protected material – Protection from radiation
  • Lead thickness – 3 [mm]*
  • Inside dimensions of the box (without limiters; with lid) – L=1194[mm] H=600[mm] W=610[mm]*
  • Outside dimensions of the box (with foot, handle for opening, system for closing and locking) – L= 1326[mm] H= 840[mm] W= 681[mm]*
  • Inside cover material – Stainless steel
  • Outside cover material – Stainless steel
  • Thickness of inside and outside cover material – 2 [mm]

Radiation-shielded box can apply for the car. The difference is that the box for the cars has limiters inside so the box can be fixed and the opening is from the side.

Radiation-shielded box for car

* Dimensions and lead thickness are by the request of the client’s needs.