Shield protective mobile for PET manipulations

The shield protective mobile for PET-manipulation is intended for protection of the personnel and patients from x-ray radiation in stationary X-ray offices and at carrying out of diagnostics by mobile x-ray installations


Main technical characteristics:

  • The size of the protective area is not less than 1400 x 400 mm
  • The lower edge of the protection level from the floor surface is not more than 200 mm
  • Location of the protective viewing screen – windows – the top part of the screen
  • The size of the protective viewing screen – windows – 300 x 200 mm
  • Radiation shield protection – at least 30 mm Pb
  • Radiation protection of the viewing screen – windows – not less than 20 mm Pb
  • Wheels for moving with the brake device – four rotary wheels (two of which have a stop lock)
  • The slope of the viewing window from the vertical axis is 45 degrees