X-ray protective shield small SHRZ-M

The X-ray protection shield small SHRZ-M is designed to protect personnel and patients from diffuse X-ray radiation in stationary X-ray rooms and during the research by mobile (ward) X-ray machines.


The design of the X-ray panel is composite, the panel is lined with plastic and fastened with metal fringing.

X-ray protective material – lead sheet thickness of 1.00 mm.

The screen is mounted on four swivel wheel bearings. Two wheel bearings have a stop brake (brake). Wheel supports ensure easy movement of the product on the floor. The design of the screen allows you to install the screen panel at different heights from the floor level. Thus, protection of patients staying in hospital beds can be ensured when carrying out the research by mobile X-ray machines.

The main technical characteristics of the screen SHRZ-M:

  • Overall dimensions (WxD) * – 1050×600 mm
  • The dimensions of the protective panel are 800×1000 mm
  • The lead equivalent of the screen panel is 1.00 mm
  • Height of the top edge of the screen (has 3 positions)
    • the lower level is 851 mm;
    • the average level is 1039 mm;
    • the upper level is 1227 mm;

* – manufacturing of screens of other size and design is allowed according to the customer’s specification