Special recoiling doors for clean rooms

The doors for clean rooms are specially designed and manufactured for use as part of enclosing structures of clean rooms. Recoiling doors are ideal for:

  • operating blocks,
  • intensive care units,
  • generic,
  • X-ray operation room,
  • and other specialized premises.

The variety of colors used in the decoration of the canvas and the possibility of applying a photographic image to the surface of the finish make these products not only functional, but also create a “warm” design that reduces the emotional load from the staff and patients.

The main differences between doors:

  • convenience of sanitizing;
  • resistance to disinfection treatment;
  • The liner is made of non-flammable or difficult combustible materials;
  • easy opening and closing of the blade;
  • high-quality accessories;
  • good sound insulation;
  • no-threshold performance (no floor threshold);
  • possibility of manufacturing in hermetic execution;
  • long service life of products;
  • The design of the doors and the materials used comply with GMP requirements;
  • the possibility of installing an automatic drive.

The main technical characteristics of recoiling doors for clean rooms:

Door frame Material, execution 
Door frame of the sliding door for clean rooms Anodised aluminum profile
Aluminum profile with polymer coating
Steel zinc-plated or stainless with a polymer coating;
Stainless steel without coating.

Door leaf

Framing the door leaf:

  • Anodized aluminum profile;
  • Aluminum profile with polymer coating.


  • Mineral wool of 120kg / m3;
  • Aluminum honeycomb.


  • Plastic HPL;
  • Stainless steel, unpainted
  • Stainlless painted steel
  • Steel, galvanized, painted
  • Steel zinced with antibacterial PVC coating

Additional options

  • Automatic drive
  • Window inspection
  • Window for inspection with internal blinds for manual control
  • Electromagnetic lock
  • Control panel for access control
Dimensional characteristic Single-leaf door Double door
Height, mm 1900-2300
Width, mm 700-1500 1200-1800