Doors special swing single-leaf series «ML»

The doors for clean rooms are specially designed and manufactured for use as part of enclosing structures of clean rooms. Doors special swing single-leaf series “ML” are ideal for:

  • operating blocks,
  • intensive care units,
  • generic,
  • X-ray operation room,
  • and other specialized premises.
  • Swing doors of this series are intended for use in medical institutions (doors for operating rooms, resuscitation rooms, intensive care rooms, maternity halls, etc.), pharmaceutical, microbiological, space, aircraft building and other industries requiring the presence of classified rooms with controlled medium.
  • The door leaf is made in the form of a “sandwich” panel framed by an aluminum profile with anodized or polymer coating. “Sandwich” canvas consists of an aluminum frame, from the front panels and internal soundproofing.
  • The door frame is made of an aluminum profile with anodized or polymer coating.


  • HPL plastic (High Pressure Laminate)
  • Steel zinced with a polymer coating
  • Stainless steel
  • Stainless steel with polymer coating
  • Steel zinc-coated with antibacterial PVC coating
  • Aluminum honeycomb

  • Height of the doorway (mm): H = 2100 mm
  • The width of the doorway (mm): L = 600 … 1200 mm
  • Thickness of the doorway (mm): B = 52 mm

Depending on the planning decisions, the doors can have left and right opening.


  • Door Box
  • Door leaf
  • Latch door with push handle, lock, hinges


  • Door closer with a lever
  • Door closer with a sliding tire
  • Electromagnetic lock or latch
  • Latch door with knob handle
  • Lock with cylinder mechanism
  • Control panel for access control
  • Automatic drive
  • Window inspection
  • Window inspection with integrated internal blinds
  • Lowering threshold
  • Stainless steel burglar