The door special glazed

The special glazed door is designed to provide the required cleanliness class

The special glazed door is used in the medical industry (operating rooms, hospital rooms, infectious wards, sterile rooms), as well as in pharmaceutical, chemical, food industries and other areas where the quality of products is determined by the use of “clean rooms”.

The aluminum profile frame provides the necessary strength and rigidity with a relatively low weight.

Cladding – 4mm thick tempered glass with a matte finish.
The door frame is made of a special aluminum anodized profile.


  • Three aluminum loops – carry out the adjustment of the canvas in 3 planes.
  • Sealing is ensured by the use of silicone seals along the contour of the box.
  • The door frame does not have a threshold, so that wheeled devices can be freely moved through the doorway.
  • Castle. Key-to-key cylinder.
  • Stainless steel push handles with oval overlay (EC).
  • The lower part of the door leaf is protected by 62mm wide stainless steel baffles.

The surface of the product is resistant to disinfection