Metaflex Metaficient

Metaflex Metaficient is a high-quality sliding door system.

Safe and reliable

The Metaflex Metaficient sliding door is ideal for applications in rooms such as patient rooms, storage rooms and waiting rooms. This door is suitable for spaces where safety, reliability and user-ease are paramount. The Metaficient saves user floor space and is specially developed for spaces in which high levels of bed and wheelchair traffic takes place.

Sliding door

Automatic or manual

Completely smooth

Free passage

Equal to opening width (automatic)

Equal to opening width – 120 mm (manual)

Inside frame width (mm)
800 to 2,000

Inside frame height (mm)
2,100 to 2,800

400 x 400, 300 x 600 or 600 x 600 mm

Window options
Screenline blinding and I-Glass


Rw value: standard 28 dB, possible up to 38 dB

Rwp value: standard 27 dB, possible up to 35 dB

100% freedom of design
Yes, by means of Imagine foil

Medical earthing
G1, G2

Declaration of Conformity
CE marked