Metaflex Medicare EI1

Metaflex Medicare EI1 is the only airtight sliding door system that meets the highest quality and fire-resistance standards at a European level.


EN 1634-1 is the European standard for fire-resistance of doors. In order to meet this standard , the integrity (E), insulation (I) and radiation (W) are considered. During a fire test it is inspected whether the door can withstand the flames (E). The insulation value (I) of the door is tested by measuring the temperature. For an I1 certification, the temperature of the blade may not on average exceed 140˚C. Radiation (W) is measured according to the EN 1363-2 standard. The maximum radiation that can be emitted by the door is 15 kW/m2.

The Metaflex Medicare EI1 is available in 30 or 60 minutes fire-resistance. It is the first hermetically sealing sliding door system that has achieved the highest EI1 standards.

Airtight seal

When opening and closing the Medicare EI1 sliding door, hardly any air movement is created. In situations with conditioned or contaminated air behind the door, this is very important. The airtight seal maintains the overpressure up to at least 100 pascal without leakage (ANSI/UL1784).

The unique closing system ensures that the door also retains its airtight seal in case of significant under- or overpressure. Uncontrolled air flow through your doors can thus be prevented.

This door is very suitable for spaces in which fire-safety is paramount, such as operating rooms, intensive care, X-ray rooms, pharmacies and the emergency room.

Sliding door


Completely smooth

Free passage
Equal to inside frame width – 210 mm

Inside frame width (mm)
800 to 1,850

Inside frame height (mm)
2,100 to 2,300

400 x 400, 300 x 600 or 600 x 600 mm


Fire-resistant (EN 1634-1 and EN 1363-2)
30 or 60 minutes

1-3 mm lead inlay

Medical earthing
G1, G2