Metaflex Medinox

The new Metaflex Medinox is a sliding steel door for medical and clean room applications.

Sliding metal doors

Medinox is the first completely sliding door of stainless steel metal.

Thanks to its hygienic design and sleek appearance, sliding steel doors are perfectly suitable as theatre doors, isolation room doors, cssd door, clean room doors and laboratory doors.

Equipped with a radiation-resistant filling, this door can also be used in X-ray rooms. This door is very suitable for areas where safety, reliability and ease of use are self-evident.

Airtight seal

The complete door system consist of a stainless steel door and frame, including rail and stainless steel canopy.

When opening and closing the Medinox sliding metal doors, hardly any air movement is created. In situations with conditioned or contaminated air behind the door, this is very important. The airtight seal maintains the overpressure without leakage.

The unique closing system ensures that the door also retains its airtight seal in case of significant under- or overpressure. Uncontrolled air flow through your doors can thus be prevented

Sliding door
Automatic or manual
Completely smooth
Free passage

Equal to inside frame width (automatic)

Equal to clear opening – 120 mm (manual)

Inside frame width (mm)
900 to 1,750
Inside frame height (mm)
2,100 to 2,800
100% freedom of design
Yes, by means of Imagine foil
Medical earthing
G1, G2
Declaration of Conformity
CE marked