Table top barriers

  • Ideal for working on non shielded tabletops
  • Available in multiple lead thicknesses
  • Optimal view at the working surface through the lead glass window

Table top barrier

The barrier is made of 5, 10, 20, 30 or 50 mm lead covered in steel. Dimensions are 360*430 mm (W*D), the height is depending on the model. The lead glass window is mounted at an angle of 45˚ for an optimal view on the work area. The lead glass window has the same lead equivalent as the lead shielding with a density of 5,2 g/cm3. Lead glass dimensions are 350*280 mm (W*H). The table top barrier can easily be placed on a work table. The smooth oyster white (RAL 1013) finish ensures easy cleaning.

Model VG-TTB-5
5 mm lead shielding, 140 Kev, height is 458 mm, weight ± 32 kg

Model VG-TTB-10
10 mm lead shielding, 140 KeV, height is 475 mm, weight ± 56 kg

Model VG-TTB-20
20 mm lead shielding , 364 KeV, height is 490 mm, weight ± 92 kg

Model VG-TTB-30
30 mm lead shielding, 364 KeV, height is 502 mm, weight ± 132 kg

Model VG-TTB-50
50 mm lead shielding, 511 KeV, height is 520 mm, weight ± 188 kg
Lead glass dimensions: 350*250 mm (W*H)
Barrier dimensions: 360*400*520 mm (W*D*H)

Acrylic glass table top barrier (beta)

For beta radiation applications the table top barrier is completely made of acrylic glass. Dimensions are 360*430*460 mm (W*D*H).

Model VG-TTB-PG-5
5 mm acrylic glass

Model VG-TTB-PG-10
10 mm acrylic glass