Shielded supplier pass-through hatch

  • For existing or a new to build wall
  • Easy access by sliding doors
  • Fully shielded with 5 or 25 mm lead
  • Mechanical interlock

The supplier pass-through hatch is commonly installed in an outside wall. The hatch comes standard with one lockable, hinged door on each side. Please indicate when ordering if the doors need to be hinged left or right. The supplier pass-through hatch is made of 10 mm lead shielding covered in steel finished oyster white (RAL 1013). The doors are made of 30 mm lead shielding. The standard inside dimensions are 600*927*800 mm (W*H*D). Other models are available upon request. The bottom of the hatch can optionally be equipped with rolls for easy transport of boxes inside the hatch.

Model VG-LT-2T-10