Metaflex VDM Freezer

Airtight hinged door for freezer spaces.

Airtight & hygienic

The VDM Freezer is an airtight hinged door suitable for spaces with temperatures as low as -25°C. Due to to the high-quality finishing, this hinged door has a long service life and is maintenance-free.

This hinged door has a completely smooth surface, making it easy to clean. In combination with the food-safe coating, this door meets all hygiene regulations.

The unique closing system provides an airtight seal for the room. This prevents unwanted air and moisture flows and is energy-efficient as it reduces leakage.

Complete hinged door

The Metaflex VDM Freezer is delivered including installation frame, sill and fittings. Heat tape is incorporated in the frame and sill preventing the formation of ice.

The doorblade is 120 mm thick and includes a galvanised steel plate and has been finished with a polyester coating. All around, the blade is equipped with a sealing rubber.

Naturally, the door is outfitted with an operation mechanism on the inside so you can never be locked inside the freezer. Not even if it has been locked from the outside with a key.

Hinged door


Inside frame width (mm)
800 to 1,300

Inside frame height (mm)
2,100, 2,300

Suitable for temperatures as low as -25°C

Declaration of Conformity
CE marked