Metaflex BDM

Hinged door for general industrial spaces.

Durable & hygienic

The BDM is a durable solution for intensive use. Because of the high-quality finishing, this hinged door has a long service life and is maintenance-free.

This hinged door has a completely smooth surface, making it easy to clean. In combination with the food-safe coating, this door meets all hygiene regulations.

Complete hinged door

The Metaflex BDM is delivered including installation frame and fittings.

The doorblade is 60 mm thick and includes a galvanised steel plate and has been finished with a polyester coating.

The door is available with a window of 360 x 560 mm.

Hinged door


Inside frame width (mm)
800 to 1,300

Inside frame height (mm))
2,100, 2,300

Yes, see BDM RF60