Metaflex Medicare Intelligence

The innovative door system Metaflex Medicare Intelligence provides a warning of what is going on behind the door when someone wants to access the OR.

Innovative door system

Metaflex Intelligence combines uniform instructions and intuitive LED warnings with a high-quality door system. This combination makes the door an intelligent carrier of information (such as latex allergies or radiological activity). This creates attention as well as durable behavioural change resulting in increased safety.

In addition to being a carrier of information, Metaflex Medicare Intelligence is also a high-quality door system. The system closes hermetically and is available as a radiation-proof and fire-resistant version. Because the door is airtight according to Peutz, the air can be optimally conditioned.

Sliding door


Completely smooth

Free passage
Equal to inside frame width

Inside frame width (mm)
800 to 2,100

Inside frame height (mm)
2,100 to 2,800

300 x 600 mm


1-3 mm lead inlay

Medical earthing
G1, G2

Declaration of Conformity
CE marked

Other options
Various options for operation & safety