Container for transportation of radioactive waste

Purpose: the container is intended for temporary storage and transportation of radioisotopes or their waste inside the building with the purpose of ensuring radiation safety of the personnel working with the use, storage and disposal of radioactive substances.


  • Capacity – not less than 50 liters;
  • Radiation protection over all walls – not less than 10 mm Pb;
  • The external dimension is 750 (w) x 700 (d) x 950 (in) mm;
  • The presence of a handle for easy movement;
  • Wheels for moving with the brake device – not less than 4;
  • Presence of technological apertures for a bookmark – unloading of a waste;
  • Waste piles from the top surface;
  • Extraction of waste from the side surface;
  • Sliding / opening cover of the upper technological opening;
  • The size of the upper opening at the maximum opening – not less than 250 x 250 mm;