The container for control of samples by the X-ray machine

Protective container is designed to control samples with an X-ray machine.

The X-ray apparatus is installed in the upper compartment, the sample and film cassette are installed in the lower compartment.


  • Radiation protection on all walls – at least 10 mm Pb;
  • Outer size – 1050x780x1260 mm; *
  • The size of the upper compartment – 600x480x400;
  • The size of the lower compartment – 600x480x600;
  • The presence of eyebolts for ease of movement -> at least 2;
  • The presence of the top cover – removable (100 kg.);
  • Installation of the test object from the side surface – availability;
  • The estimated mass of the product is 580 kg.

* Radiation protective containers are made according to the technical specifications of the customer