X-ray protective viewing windows

The products are designed to monitor the patient during an X-ray diagnostic examination.

Installed in the opening in the wall between the console and procedural X-ray room. A wide range of products allows you to equip the offices of various purposes – X-ray, computed tomography, angiography, X-ray diagnostic and X-ray stent.

X-ray protection windows are manufactured according to the dimensions:

Overall dimensions of the window opening
(opening for installation of the inspection window),
height x width, mm
Overall dimensions of the X-ray protection glass,
height x width, mm
530 х 530 400 х 400
630 х 630 500 х 500
730 х 930 600 х 800
930 х 1130 800 х 1000
1130 х 1330 1000 х 1200

X-ray protection window protects against X-rays due to special leaded glass and a special frame carrying a hidden lead protective layer.

The X-ray protective window frame is made of a two-millimeter metal profile, coated with a polymer coating.

Protection material – radioprotective glass (glass plates leaded).

Standard (when ordering) is considered an X-ray window with a lead equivalent of 2.5 mm Pb, however, X-ray windows having 1.0; 2.0 and 5.0 mm. In special cases, an X-ray window with a lead equivalent of more than 5.0 mm Pb can be manufactured, provided that a lead equivalent of a multiple of 2.5 is ordered.