X-ray protective sliding shutters

Shutters intended for installation in a procedural X-ray room to protect against X-rays of persons who are outside the premises.

X-ray protective sliding shutters are manufactured only according to the individual dimensions of the customer and are able to provide the frequency of attenuation of radiation in accordance with the technical specification.

The design of the X-ray protective panels of sliding shutters is composite, the panel is lined with HPL plastic on both sides and fastened with a metal fringing.

Two versions of the sliding shutter panels:

  • with the provision of a light obscuration of the procedural room;
  • without providing the lightening of the room with a procedural room.

The coating of products is resistant to treatment with disinfectant solutions.

X-ray protective material is a lead sheet with thickness from 1.00 to 4.00 mm.

The products produced have an appearance that fits well with the design of modern diagnostic equipment.

The design of X-ray protective shutters of any type provides for continuous protection against radiation both in the area of ​​the window opening and in the places where the shutter adjoins the surface of the cabinet walls, therefore no additional barite protection is required.