Protective cabinet with cells

Protective cabinet to protect personnel and the public from ionizing radiation by attenuating it.

Material of protection against ionizing radiation lead brand C-1 or C-2

The frame provides the necessary strength and rigidity. The cabinet frame is welded metal. Filling the frame is a lead sheet. Fastening to a strong metal base eliminates the “sliding” of the protective material during prolonged use.

Filling with protective material is carried out over the entire area of the cabinet with overlap at the joints to exclude protection gaps. Filling provides the necessary, uniform (not less than required) radiation attenuation over the entire cabinet area (side walls, rear wall, ceiling, floor and doors)

The interior of the cabinet is made of stainless steel. Exterior finish is made of galvanized steel painted with a protective and decorative coating.

The cabinet is equipped

  • 12 cells. Cell size: 300x300x300mm. Cells made of stainless steel
  • 2 intermediate shelves for placing cells. Shelves made of stainless steel
  • Door with integrated lock to block access


  • The mass of the cabinet assembly (calculated) is 420-460 kg.
  • External overall dimensions – 800x800x1500mm.