WG 150 Fencing board 150 mm wide

Dipping board 150 mm wide – material that is installed on the walls to protect them from shocks, scratches and other effects.



  • Wear resistant vinyl coating
  • Rubber band
  • Aluminum profile

Width – 150 mm
Thickness – 20 mm

Design features: aluminum profile in combination with rubber harnesses ensures the product durability and reliability.

Fastening: the distance between the holes in the wall is about 50 – 60 mm.

Coating: wear-resistant color vinyl.

Advantages of using a fender board:

  • Wall protection
    The main advantage and, in fact, the purpose of this product. Having established an otboyny board, you insure the room from accidental damages: blows of chairs, scratches when carrying furniture or other things, other negative influences. These boards provide additional protection for corners and protruding parts.
  • Protection when opening doors
    A separate and important point – the protection of the walls from door strikes. When opening the door often leaves marks on the wall. To prevent this, use the bumper board.
  • The ability to change the interior
    Using this product allows you to give the room a pleasant appearance. The choice of colors from a large number of options also has a positive effect on the internal appearance of the building.

Boards of various widths (100, 150, 200 mm) for a long time have been successfully used in interior decoration of offices, hospitals, institutes and other public institutions.

The options of an otboyny board offered by our company – reliable and bright protection of walls. A large selection of models made in different colors, low prices, compliance with quality and safety standards – all this has a mutually beneficial cooperation.