U-shaped configuration

U-shaped configuration isotope work stations

  • Made of interlocking spray painted lead bricks
  • Optimal shielding by the chevron edges of the bricks
  • Either U-shaped or fully closed

U-shaped configuration isotope work stations
The following 50 mm lead brick U-shaped configuration work station models are standard. Other sizes are available upon request.

Model VG-BB-I/U
Size 1. Inside dimensions 500*350*300 mm (W*D*H), weight is ± 220 kg

Model VG-BB-II/U
Size 2. Inside dimensions 700*350*300 mm (W*D*H), weight is ± 255 kg

Size 3. Inside dimensions 900*350*300 mm (W*D*H), weight is ± 290 kg

Bottom plate made of 20 mm lead

Model VG-BP-I/U
Fits size 1. The weight is ± 40 kg

Model VG-BP-II/U
Fits size 2. The weight is ± 56 kg

Fits size 3. The weight is ± 72 kg

Stainless steel tray with a 25 mm raised edge

Model VG-I/U-E
Fits size 1.

Model VG-II/U-E
Fits size 2.

Model VG-III/U-E
Fits size 3.