Radiation-protective screen stationary

The screen radiation-protective stationary is a frame structure with filling with lead plates, blocks, bricks.

Frame – steel pipes, which are attached to the wall, floor and ceiling fasteners. All metal elements of the frame are protected from corrosion by a protective-decorative polymer coating.

The protection design is formed from lead plates mounted on special mounting stops, which ensures “continuity” of radiation protection without damage to the fastening elements. The design provides the necessary, uniform (no less required) attenuation of radiation across the entire screen area.

The technology of shielding allows for “dry” installation, and also allows visual control of “continuity” (“continuity”) of radiation protection from lead plates at the stage of installation. (This is a very important criterion, since the “continuity” of radiation protection by instrumental methods can only be checked at the final stage of the radiographic camera equipment.)

The frame construction of the screens is collapsible, which allows access to the zapping space and, if necessary, to increase the thickness of the protective material in local areas.

Specialists produce professional installation of all supplied products.