Protective module

Protective module is designed to protect personnel and the public from ionizing radiation by attenuating it.

The module is developed for the conditions of X-ray inspection with the power of ambient dose equivalent of a constant or pulsed X-ray radiation


The frame is collapsible – separately all the walls, floor and ceiling. The frame provides the necessary strength and rigidity. The frame is welded metal.
Filling the frame frames – lead sheets. The design of the frame eliminates the “sliding” of the protective material during prolonged use.

Protection design

Filling with protective material is carried out over the entire area of the module with overlap at the joints to exclude protection gaps. Filling provides the necessary, uniform (not less than required) attenuation of radiation over the entire surface area. The lead used in the products is isolated from the external environment and excludes the possibility of human contact with it (lead is painted with oil paint at the end of installation).

Module finish

The finish is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, withstands frequent disinfection, ensures long-term use of the product.
The material of the exterior is galvanized steel.
The material of the interior is HPL plastic.
The floor material is rubber mats.