Partition (screen) X-ray protective stationary

Partition (screen) X-ray protective stationary is a radiation protection design that ensures the attenuation of ionizing radiation.

The partition (screen) is a frame structure with filling with lead plates. The frame is made of steel pipes and is fixed to the wall, floor and ceiling by fasteners.

The protection design is formed from lead plates mounted on special mounting stops, which ensures “continuity” of radiation protection without damage to the fastening elements. The design provides the necessary, uniform (no less required) attenuation of radiation across the entire screen area.

If necessary, weakening of powerful radiation doses. For an even load distribution, the frame is installed on both sides of the wall and protective lead plates are also attached from both sides of the wall.

If desired, it is possible to make a finishing job. The basis for the decorative panel is a glass-magnesium panel. As a decorative layer, HPL high-pressure plastic with a thickness of 0.8 (1.0) mm is used.