Metaflex Pollux Chiller

Airtight, sliding refrigerator door.

Hygienic refrigerator door

The Pollux Chiller has been developed for the food industry and distribution centres.

Because of the hygienic finishing, the Pollux Chiller is very suitable for a food-safe environment such as (large scale) kitchens and refrigerators. The door seals the doorway completely, preventing unnecessary energy-loss.

Airtight door system

The Metaflex Pollux Chiller comes with installation frame and aluminium rail system with a notch functioning.

The doorblade of 80 mm thick has been finished with food-safe hard PVC coating and has an aluminium rim. All around, the blade is equipped with a sealing rubber.

This unique Metaflex sealing system provides an complete seal for the room eliminating energie leakage.

Sliding door

Automatic or manual

Inside frame width (mm)
1,000 to 2,000

Inside frame height (mm)
2,100 to 2,700

Suitable for positive temperatures from 0°C

Declaration of Conformity
CE marked