Lead sheet

The lead sheet is used for interior decoration of X-ray diagnostic cabinets to attenuate x-ray radiation.

The dimensions of the lead sheet are 500 mm x 1000 mm. Lead equivalent: 0.5 – 4.0 mm Pb.

The lead sheet has a low thermal conductivity and resistance to adverse effects: this material is not even affected by acid. Therefore, the scope of its use in construction is quite wide. The material is used as a roof covering of various buildings, for fixing pipes of fireplaces and stoves, tiled roofs, and also for the purpose of protecting a stone or walls. In addition, lead has a unique soundproofing properties.

But the ability of a lead sheet to protect against radioactive radiation is especially valuable. To this end, it is used in the construction of living quarters in areas where harmful waves are constantly present, as well as X-ray rooms – to protect patients and medical personnel. To create a protective screen, lead doors, screens and windows made of lead sheet are used.

Such elements do not allow gamma rays to penetrate outside the room. It is also possible to use a special radioprotective gypsum board, in which a lead sheet with a special glue is attached to a strong gypsum fiber. In this case, the lead tape is mandatory for installation.

At present sheet lead is used even for the manufacture of anti-radiation clothing, since a more reliable material has not yet been invented.

It is characterized by a low melting point, good malleability, high corrosion resistance of metal and high specific gravity.
Sheet lead – extremely durable and durable material.