Cleanroom module (Complex of equipment for clean and especially clean rooms)

Designed to ensure the parameters of the air environment in a clean area with a guaranteed class of the working area of the product

  • The product is a stainless steel frame, brand AISI 304, with one filter-ventilation module installed on it (standard size 1200×600 mm) in the working area of ​​the product.
  • The working area of ​​the product is formed with the help of enclosing structures made of transparent antistatic PVC lamellas fixed in the frame around the perimeter of the product, which do not reach the floor level by 400 mm. The product frame is suspended from the ceiling of the room.
  • At the outlet of the filtering module, there is a final filter and a laminarizer made of a fine-mesh polymer mesh for uniform air distribution over the entire surface of the filtering module. Inside the filtering module, there are two blowing units and a preliminary air purification system.
  • The filter module is equipped with ports for aerosol supply and air sampling to check the integrity of HEPA filters.
  • The clean zone works on the principle of recirculation in the room where it is installed. The necessary air parameters, namely temperature and humidity conditions, are provided by the room ventilation system.
  • The air conditioning system of the product is controlled using a control panel (touch-screen).
  • One UFO lamp is installed on the frame inside the working area of ​​the product.
  • The control system is equipped with a static airflow stabilization system AIS LS, which automatically maintains a preset airflow rate up to the maximum allowable filter contamination value. When the filters become gradually clogged, the fan speed will automatically increase to maintain the set air flow rate. When the threshold value of filter contamination is reached, a visual signal is sent to the control panel about the need to replace filters.
  • Recirculated air is drawn in through flat-type pre-filters built into the top of each filter unit housing.
  • All joints, joints and seams between the adjacent structural elements of the complex are treated with polyurethane sealant designed for work in clean rooms.
  • The passage of personnel to the working area of ​​the product is free, through anti-static PVC lamellas.