Doors x-ray protective recoiling

X-ray protective recoiling doors are designed to protect personnel and patients (the public) from radiation (X-ray) radiation.

Doors are used in X-ray rooms, rooms with radiation sources.

The door box is made of a steel profile with a thickness of 2.0 mm and is painted with a polymer paint, resistant to disinfecting treatment. At the request of the customer, the box can be made of stainless steel.
The door leaf is combined, the material of the coating is HPL-plastic or stainless steel.
Protective material – sheet lead, the thickness of which (with a multiplicity of 0.5 mm) provides the necessary attenuation of radiation.

The doors are completed with high-quality fittings.

The door leaf and the door frame of the X-ray protection product are protected from radiation radiation throughout the entire area of ​​the doorway.

All X-ray doors have a certificate of compliance and a passport with specification of technical characteristics.