CG 50 Corner bump width 50/50 mm

Corner protection 50/50 mm wide – a system installed on corners to protect them from bumps, scratches and other effects.


  • Wear resistant vinyl coating
  • Aluminum profile

Width – 50/50 mm
Thickness – 10 mm

Features of a design: the aluminum shape provides a product durability and reliability.

Fastening: the distance between the holes in the wall is about 50 – 60 mm.

Coating: wear-resistant color vinyl.

To protect columns, corners of walls and protruding parts of buildings from damage and wear as a result of a collision with moving objects, we offer special corner chippers. They are available in several dozen color options. This allows you to solve using chippers not only technical problems, but also make them an attractive decorative accessory. These elements are used to protect corners in public buildings with a constantly high flow of people. This includes shops, hospitals, catering establishments, hotels, administrative institutions.